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AMWA Leaders Join the Vice President on the 3rd Stop of her Fight for Reproductive Freedoms Tour

Dr. Roberta Gebhard and Dr. Zayn Gerakitis represented AMWA at Vice President Kamala Harris’ Fight for Reproductive Freedoms Tour third stop in Savannah, Georgia.

In her speech to the group, the Vice President spoke of freedom, the right that is  “fundamental to the promise of America. She pointed out the sobering statistics that in America, “more than 1 in 3 women of reproductive age live in a state with an abortion ban… In Georgia, women face a six-week abortion ban — before many women even know they are pregnant…[with] no exception for rape or incest unless they file a police report to get permission.” She also noted that Virginia was the only state in the South without an abortion ban.

“Dignity and autonomy are qualities inherent to each and everyone of us; as is the right to access safe, effective and compassionate medical care. I am energized to share in this fight. To be in this space with people from across the state working and fighting to insure these inherent rights are restored and protected; not further eroded, is both humbling and empowering.”  — Dr. Zayn Gerakitis

AMWA was also present at the launch of the Fight for Reproductive Freedoms Tour in Wisconsin and the second stop in California.

Planned Parenthood SE & PP Advocate

Vice President Kamala Harris

Dr. Gerakitis and Dr. Gebhard

Dr. Gerakitis (L) with Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Members




Triana Arnold James (National Organization for Women GA State President, L) with Dr. Gerakitis (R)



Chandra Harris, State Director, Office of U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff

Shibani Chakrabarty, Director of Outreach, Office of U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff


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