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AMWA Leaders Enjoy the White House Holiday Tour

Every year, the White House is open to special Holiday Tours through VIP tickets distributed through members of Congress and other offices. This past Friday, AMWA was delighted to send a group of members to enjoy a special evening tour, courtesy of the White House Office of Public Engagement.

It’s a tradition that began back in 1889 when President Benjamin Harrison erected the first Christmas tree in the White House. Throughout the years, this holiday tradition expanded to include lights, themed and elaborate decorations, and the handiwork of hundreds of volunteers.

This year’s theme, selected by Dr. Jill Biden, is “Magic, Wonder, and Joy” of the Holidays – as seen through the eyes of a child.

AMWA was delighted to provide an opportunity for members to connect with one another and enjoy the tour together.

“The Christmas decorations at the White House were magical and experiencing them with two of my Gender Equity Task Force Friends and three other AMWA members that are “new friends” made it extra special! Thank you AMWA for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity!” – Dr. Roberta Gebhard

“December 8th was an amazing evening with a small group of women physician leaders and advocates of AMWA. As we passed multiple layers of security, we entered the rooms decorated for the holidays by more than 300 volunteers. We began to see the portraits of several FLOTUSs. Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Michelle Obama greeted us as we walked the halls.

The White House collection of history is a walk through time. As we made our way through history, I felt enormous gravity and gratitude for the perseverance of the AMWA women who accompanied me on the tour. Sometimes it feels as though we can take one step forward and three steps back in our efforts to improve the lives of patients and the lives of those who care for them. I was grateful for the opportunity to spend an amazing evening with an amazing group of women.” – Dr. Sharon Griswold

“A visit to the people’s house with those committed to supporting AMWA was a terrific way to spend an evening” – Dr. Monica Lypson

“Visiting the White House during the holiday season was an amazing experience. I grew up in the DC area and have walked by the White House many times but had never been inside. Having my first opportunity to visit the White House be with AMWA members made the experience even more special. Inside the White House, I enjoyed the live holiday music and decorations, each Christmas tree special in its own way. One particularly touching tree bore the names of fallen soldiers. I was also drawn to the beautiful portraits of the first ladies on display year-round. I found them inspiring and empowering. Our AMWA group represented various specialties across the country and a wide knowledge base. How refreshing it was to connect with fellow members during a live event — a practice that I had taken for granted prior to COVID. From the historical artwork to the beautiful decorations, the most memorable part of the tour was the bonding that occurred between myself and the other AMWA members.” – Dr. Brianna Clark

“I was looking for ways to get more involved in AMWA… but a bit uncertain. Visiting the White House with an outstanding group of physicians ensured my enthusiasm and continued engagement.” – Dr. Monica Lypson

“…a wonderful, magical White House opportunity…” – Dr. Karen Jerome

L-R: Dr. Sharon Griswold, Dr. Karen Jerome, Dr. Anju Patel, Dr. Roberta Gebhard, Dr. Brianna Clark, Dr. Monica Lypson











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