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AMWA Leaders Collaborate with NAM on Publication Addressing Burnout in Women Physicians

Women now account for an increasingly large percentage of medical school students and practicing physicians, yet there is still a scarcity of research on how gender-related differences can affect clinician burnout and well-being. AMWA has been working in the area of burnout over the past several years, as recognizing gender-related differences is critical in designing effective strategies to improve clinician well-being and to identify, treat, and prevent burnout.

To raise recognition of this issue, as well as to generate additional discussion, AMWA past-president Kim Templeton, MD started a project with the National Academy of Medicine to develop a perspectives paper on burnout among women physicians. Over the past year, she has led a writing team that included AMWA past-president Connie Newman, MD to produce a paper that reviews current evidence on prevalence and risk factors for developing burnout, manifestation and impact, as well as suggested institutional remedies for this.

Read more in a new #NAMPerspectives discussion paper about how gender-related differences can manifest, and some strategies for ensuring #ClinicianWellBeing for all health professionals. It’s time to take care of those who take care of us!

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