AMWA Leaders Collaborate with NAM on Publication Addressing Burnout in Women Physicians

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  • May 30, 2019

Women now account for an increasingly large percentage of medical school students and practicing physicians, yet there is still a scarcity of research on how gender-related differences can affect clinician burnout and well-being. AMWA has been working in the area of burnout over the past several years, as recognizing gender-related differences is critical in designing effective strategies to improve clinician well-being and to identify, treat, and prevent burnout.

To raise recognition of this issue, as well as to generate additional discussion, AMWA past-president Kim Templeton, MD started a project with the National Academy of Medicine to develop a perspectives paper on burnout among women physicians. Over the past year, she has led a writing team that included AMWA past-president Connie Newman, MD to produce a paper that reviews current evidence on prevalence and risk factors for developing burnout, manifestation and impact, as well as suggested institutional remedies for this.

Read more in a new #NAMPerspectives discussion paper about how gender-related differences can manifest, and some strategies for ensuring #ClinicianWellBeing for all health professionals. It’s time to take care of those who take care of us!

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