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AMWA Leaders at the President’s and Vice-President’s Receptions

AMWA was honored to work with the White House administration on a number of health issues this year, including reproductive healthcare, women’s health, gun violence prevention, and nutrition. In addition, AMWA participated in several key meetings that focused on healthcare reform and access to care.

This past week, we joined other leaders at a special White House Holiday Reception with the President. The President opened the evening with an acknowledgement of the hundreds of volunteers who had helped deck the White House in holiday decor and then gratitude to all in attendance with these words — “You don’t get to choose the point in history that you’re in…but you do get to choose the team to write the history that you want to make.” He highlighted initiatives this year to preserve reproductive choice, promote economic growth, decrease drug pricing, and defend democracy and recognized the partnership of so many in the room. AMWA President Dr. Elizabeth Garner and Executive Director, Dr. Eliza Chin were among those in the front who had a chance to speak with the president and share information about AMWA’s work, especially in women’s health.

Dr. Garner and President Biden

Dr. Chin and President Biden

L-R: Nerissa Boggan (Founder, Orofacial Fitness), DeVone Boggan (CEO, Advance Peace), Greg Jackson (Depty Director WH Office of Gun Violence Prevention), Angie Bakke (ED, Doctors for America), Dr. Chin

L-R: Dr. Chin, Katherine Cheng (VP of Culture & DEI, Seattle Mariners), Carlos Elizondo (White House Social Secretary), Dr. Garner, & Lorraine Cheng (ED Investments, Oppenheimer)

Dr. Chin and Dr. Garner with Gabriela Cristobal (Sr. Advisor, White House Office of Public Engagement)

Two Executive Directors – Dr. Chin (AMWA) and Angie Bakke (Doctors for America)


Earlier this month, AMWA leaders also joined leaders at a reception with the Vice President and First Gentleman at their home where the Vice President thanked local and national organizations for their dedication to lifting up others, to building coalitions to advancing the ideals of our country. “It is you who understand then that the work that we do is born out of love, for all that we stand for, born out of optimism, knowing not what we fight against but what we fight for, born out of understanding that the true measure of every leader is based on one’s ability to understand that strength is not based on who you beat down — it’s who you lift up.” She thanked all who were present for dedicating their lives to alleviate suffering and for never giving up on what is possible.

Vice President Kamala Harris

The Vice President’s Residence

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