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AMWA Leaders at the AMA Meeting

Dr. Nancy Church testified on behalf of AMWA in front of the Reference Committee on Constitution and Bylaws.

Dr. Connie Newman, Dr. Kim Templeton, Dr. Roberta Gebhard, Dr. Nancy Church, Dr. Neelum Aggarwal, Dr. Lynda Kabbash, Dr. Rose Berkun and Laurel Engel were among the AMWA leaders that participated in the American Medical Association Women Physician Section at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association House of Delegates in Chicago June 8 – 13.

Dr. Kim Templeton was on the panel that ran the GSL Handbook Review Committee.

Dr. Roberta Gebhard with Dr. Barbara McAneny, incoming AMA President after her inauguration.

Dr. Roberta Gebhard, Dr. Nancy Church, Dr. Nancy Church, Lauren and Neelum Aggrawal take advantage of a photo-op!

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