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AMWA Jumpstarts Short-Term Housing Match

Seeking Physicians Willing to Open Their Homes for Interviews/Short-Term Rotations

The AMWA Medical Student Division invites physicians willing to open their h0me to trainees or medical students who are seeking local housing near their institution. The AMWA Student Housing Project aids medical students in finding short-term housing options when visiting institutions around the United States for an interview, a Sub-I rotation, or possible repro health rotation.

To give medical students and trainees an affordable housing option, consider opening your home with a listing to be coordinated on a private AMWA Housing Facebook group open only to AMWA members. This will allow medical student members to reach out to you if they need support finding housing near your institution.  Join the Facebook Group.

Any information and support you are willing to offer would be greatly appreciated! If you have any questions, please contact the AMWA Student Division Programming Chair at

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