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AMWA Joins Women’s Rights Leaders in Support of the ERA

AMWA Members Invited to Sign and Share Sign4ERA Petition to Recognize the ERA

As a member of the ERA Coalition, the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) attended a press conference yesterday at Hunter College in New York City in support of the ERA.

The event included speeches by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, former Representative Carolyn Maloney, Gloria Steinem, Zakiya Thomas (ERA Coalition President/CEO), Christian Nunes (National Organization of Women President), Eleanor Smeal (Founder / CEO of Feminist Majority and Publisher of Ms. Magazine) and Aarush Santoshi (National Policy Director for Generation Ratify). It was held at the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College Senator in support of former Rep. Carolyn Maloney, the Eleanor Roosevelt Distinguished Leader in Residence at Hunter College’s Roosevelt House and her Eva Kastan Grove Fellows, as they unveiled their critically important student-led Sign4ERA petition drive.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the year that feminist legend Alice Paul first introduced the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), seeking to codify the prohibition of sex-based discrimination in the United States Constitution. For a century, lawmakers, activists and grassroots organizers have been fighting to pass the ERA. One hurdle remains: removing an arbitrary deadline placed upon ERA ratification when it successfully passed Congress in 1972.

There is currently a joint resolution before Congress (S.J.Res.4) which would remove the deadline for ratification of the ERA and establish that the ERA was ratified by three-fourths of the states and is therefore a valid constitutional amendment, regardless of any time limit that was in the original proposal. Sen. Chuck Schumer announced today that he will bring S.J.Res.4 to the Senate floor for a vote this week.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney introduced the student leaders for the Sign4ERA petition drive: Asia Khan, Lyle Reed, Maya Moundi, and Andrew Loka, each of whom shared their personal perspective on the imperative that the ERA be recognized. The team committed to start outreach within the colleges of the New York State school system, which includes 250,000 potential signatories. The goal is for the Sign4ERA to go viral, to demonstrate the overwhelming public sentiment in favor of the ERA.

We invite AMWA members to sign and share the Sign4ERA petition.

Click Here to Sign


Clockwise from top left: Hon. Chuck Schumer, U.S. Senate Majority Leader; Zakiya Thomas, President & CEO of ERA Coalition; Gloria Steinem; Hon. Carolyn Maloney , Eleanor Roosevelt Distinguished Leader in Residence at Roosevelt House, Hunter College with Heather Van Ness of AMWA & Sonia Ossario, President of NOW New York;  Jennifer J. Raab, Hunter College President

Clockwise from top left: Aarush Santoshi, National Policy Director for Generation Ratify; Christian Nunes, President of National Organization of Women; Hon. Carolyn Maloney; Eleanor Smeal, Founder & CEO of Feminist Majority / Publisher of Ms. Magazine

Pictured are Eva Kaston Grove Fellows, the student leaders for the Sign4ERA petition initiative. Speaking at podium: Asia Khan; Standing L-R: Lyle Reed, Maya Moundi, and Andrew Loka

About the ERA Coalition:
The ERA Coalition, of which AMWA is a member, is comprised of more than 280 national and local partner and supporter organizations across the country representing millions of advocates working for the equality of all. Learn more at

About Roosevelt House:
Roosevelt House, an integral part of Hunter College since 1943, re-opened in 2010 as a public policy institute honoring the distinguished legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Its mission is three-fold: to educate students in public policy and human rights, to support faculty research, and to foster creative dialogue. The Eva Katsan Grove Fellowship at Roosevelt House is a prestigious and rigorous program that provides mentorship, professional development, and a financial award to students who are committed to public service, public policy, and human rights. Learn more at

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