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AMWA is launching a nationwide campaign against domestic child sex trafficking – and we need your help.

The Facts:

Physicians properly trained will be frontline responders for child sex trafficking victims and are in a unique position to provide needed care and resources.

Our survey data show that among medical students, residents, and physicians:

  • 80% agree that it is important to know about human trafficking.
  • fewer than 16% correctly estimate the number of trafficked youth in the U.S. and understand the scope of the problem
  • only 40% of practicing physicians, 20% of residents, and 10% of medical students know who to call if they encounter a trafficked child.

In hopes of increasing awareness among physicians, we are collaborating with filmmakers, educators, and healthcare providers to produce a very brief documentary to educate medical students, residents, and practicing physicians.  The video will inform, educate, and provide resources to physicians about child trafficking.

What you can do: 

Please go to–2 to support this campaign!  The campaign runs 12/2 – 12/31 in the hopes that people can extend the spirit of holiday giving to include this cause.  Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested.  Even the smallest donation will make a difference.


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