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AMWA Gun Violence Solutions Partners with Newtown Action Alliance

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) joins the Newtown Action Alliance as an advocacy partner. AMWA members are encouraged to attend Lunch & Lobby events and After House sessions to learn of legislative actions and understand opportunities for outreach focused on achieving federal Gun Violence Solutions to save lives. 

Newtown Action Alliance is pleased to welcome AMWA as an official Lunch & Lobby partner. Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to amplify their unique voice, perspective and expertise to protect the health of our communities from America’s gun violence epidemic and prevent future victims,” says Angela Weber, Director of Community Engagement for Newtown Action Alliance.

AMWA has signed on to several letters supporting the Federal Assault Weapons Ban and Ethan’s Law (safe storage of firearms).

To foster the greatest participation, daytime Lunch and Lobby Sessions are held virtually at 12-2 pm ET and After House Sessions are scheduled for Mondays at 7 pm ET. 

These advocacy sessions are private and off the record and are meant to provide participants a comfortable space to learn and develop action steps.

Register to Participate:

Earlier this year, the AMWA Gun Violence Solutions Team issued a report outlining three key areas of focus for physicians and health professionals:

  • Issue a public health action advisory and action plan addressing gun violence as the number one cause of death in U.S. children 
  • Require equitable data practices 
  • Promote a child-focused definition of gun violence to include exposure to gun violence

We encourage AMWA members to attend these lobby sessions to share your experiences and views on the impact that gun-related incidents have had on your lives and practices. Learn more about the AMWA Gun Violence Solutions Task Force

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