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AMWA Gun Violence Solutions Committee Advocates for Protect Our Kids Act and Other Gun Violence Prevention Bills

This past week, AMWA Gun Violence Solutions Committee Chair Dr. Nina Agrawal attended the 2022 National Research Conference on Firearm Injury Prevention in Washington, DC, to discuss new research findings on gun violence prevention solutions. Topics covered in the symposia include extreme risk protection orders, safe storage counseling, school safety, community violence intervention, and racial disparities. A key take home message was that research needs to be actionable and equitable. 

In addition, AMWA leaders – Dr. Agrawal, Dr. Elizabeth Garner (AMWA President-elect), Dr. Roberta Gebhard (AMWA Past President), Dr. Eliza Chin (AMWA Executive Director), and Heather Van Ness (AMWA Director of Communications), met with staff in Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) office to communicate AMWA’s support of the Protect Our Kids Act and other gun violence prevention bills, which passed the House and are now before the Senate. Dr. Agrawal shared AMWA’s concern about the alarming fact that firearms are now the number one cause of death for U.S. children and the need for urgent action. AMWA’s Gun Violence Solutions Committee is preparing a proposal to address  gun violence violence in children using a data driven approach.

Dr. Elizabeth Garner (AMWA President-elect) at Senator Schumer’s office.

Photo caption:

Dr. Elizabeth Garner at Senator Chuck Schumer’s office.

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