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AMWA Endorses President’s Executive Order to Protect Reproductive Rights

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) supports the efforts made by President Biden to protect access to reproductive health services announced in an Executive Order today. In particular, AMWA upholds the commitment to safeguard reproductive rights, specifically to:

  • Protect access to FDA-approved medication abortion
  • Ensure that patients are able to receive emergency medical care related to pregnancy and miscarriage
  • Enable interstate travel to attain abortion care and maintain access to contraception
  • Protect the privacy of an individual’s health information, including reproductive health information

The Executive Order addresses the need to protect digital health privacy so that sensitive individual health information is not sold to data brokers. AMWA supports all efforts aimed at protecting personal medical privacy as a cornerstone of the invaluable physician-patient relationship.   

As with most medical decisions, reproductive health matters, including abortion, are complex and nuanced, necessitating considerations by the patient in consultation with their physician without legislative interference. AMWA supports efforts to provide better protective measures that assure physicians are able to practice evidence-based medicine and deliver the most appropriate and necessary care possible.

AMWA commends this Executive Order as an important step toward securing physicians’ ability to deliver reproductive-related care without fear of legal repercussions. And, to support patients’ rights to receive desired and necessary reproductive medical care. 

AMWA champions these measures that uphold our mission to assure that quality healthcare, including abortion, is accessible and available to all.

 Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD, Nell Mermin-Bunnell, Isabella Mellits Lopez, Connie Newman, MD on behalf of the American Medical Women’s Association

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