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AMWA Convenes Reproductive Care Coalition

AMWA and Doctors for America have convened a Reproductive Care Coalition of more than 45 prominent medical and health organizations and allied groups, representing more than 150 million practitioners and healthcare advocates from all 50 states. Our mission is to bring a united, collective effort focused on:

  • Preserving the integrity of the physician-patient relationship
  • Advocating for physicians/practitioners to determine medical care for patients based on evidence-based medical guidelines, and devoid of legislative interference
  • Standing up for reproductive care as a matter of health equity and gender equity
  • Protecting patient confidentiality and patient autonomy
  • Demonstrating the impact of abortion restrictions on public health through storytelling
  • Education regarding the need for access to safe and legal abortions while respecting individual beliefs and choices.

The coalition will meet bimonthly to share resources, gain insights on the shifting landscape, and coordinate messaging and action steps to bring back to our respective organizations to change the current trajectory of medical care for women’s health.

As trusted healthcare practitioners, we are uniquely positioned to have these nuanced conversations.

Any national, state, or local medical, public health, or health advocacy-related organization is encouraged to join our growing coalition. Add your voices. Contribute your resources. Together we will have a far greater impact in ensuring that all patients have access to the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare, including abortion care.

Please complete this form to add your organization to the coalition. For questions, you can contact Dr. Chyanne Brown at

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