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AMWA Collaborates to Provide Humanitarian Relief for Afghanistan

Partnership Between AMWA, International Orphan Care, NuruZan, Myna, and Afghanistan Relief Alliance

“The need is great, but the power of humanity, even greater”

With over 90% of its population living in poverty, 65% living at “severe” or “critical” levels of food insecurity, over 4 million approaching frank famine, and one million children Afghan children expected to perish from starvation this winter, Afghanistan represents one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history. In January, the United Nations issued the largest humanitarian appeal in history, asking for more than $5 billion to support the people of Afghanistan.

This humanitarian crisis has been caused by a number of factors which have converged to create an unfortunate “perfect storm,” churning the combined effects of an early and severe winter, supply disruptions due to conflict, a precipitous withdrawal and cessation of foreign aid due to political instability, and a near complete collapse of the Afghan economy and banking system.

AMWA (through its humanitarian aid initiative, the American Women’s Hospitals Service) partnered with International Orphan Care (IOC), NuruZan Foundation, Myna, and Afghanistan Relief Alliance (ARA) to provide truly life-saving relief to some of the most vulnerable families in Afghanistan. In the ten weeks from December 1 to February 15, the five organizations jointly raised over $26,000 in direct donations. In February, over 180 food interventions were performed, delivering humanitarian food parcels directly into the hands of the Afghan families. These food packages will sustain over one thousand individuals for one month.

Additional assistance will be forthcoming in March to the people of Afghanistan in the form of additional food deliveries and the procurement of essential medical supplies and equipment for clinics in impoverished areas. We will provide reports as we receive them. 100% of monies raised by AMWA, IOC, NuruZan, Myna, and ARA are used toward the humanitarian relief efforts.

International Orphan Care has operated in Afghanistan for nearly three decades and has been a secure and reliable partner in ensuring that all donations are used for these humanitarian purposes. All recipients of aid are vetted by national ID (Taskira) number and are reviewed to ensure they are truly in need of assistance.

We are grateful for the funds received from so many generous donors. We welcome others who might want to support these efforts.

Below, we share photos from the delivery of the first series of food packages.

A video of thankful testimonials from Afghans is included below:


Interview 1: The man says, “Times are trying for not only me but for everyone.”
Interview 2: The woman says her son borrowed 300 Afg to get there from Dogh Abad. She has a long list of people that she borrowed money from to sustain them. She said she was on call at the hospital and was afraid she wouldn’t make it to get here on time to receive the food. When the interviewer asks her if she is happy for this help, she replies, “Of course, there is flour, rice and beans. God is kind until we eat this, We hope that more help comes our way.”
Interview 3: A woman says whoever has helped the impoverished, “May God bless them.”
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