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AMWA Celebrates Volunteer Leaders and Members


At the heart and core of AMWA are the countless volunteer leaders and members who drive our initiatives, advocacy, and impact.

And this week, during National Volunteer Week, we honor our volunteers. Whether you are a member of the board of directors, a committee chair, a branch president, a regional governor or director, a liason, a mentor, or any myriad of roles – we thank you for the passion and dedication to the work you bring to AMWA. Read President Biden’s proclamation about National Volunteer Week.

“AMWA’s history is rich with exceptionally brilliant and dedicated volunteers. We exist and persist because of the energy, ideas and commitment of those who have believed in and exemplified the power of community engagement…Today, women physician volunteers in AMWA are continuing to forge change locally, nationally and globally. They are chairing committees, advocating for better patient care, mentoring students, and stepping up whenever the need arises. Our volunteers have helped to set our course, to lead and mentor others. They bring influence and connections to bear, driving positive changes in healthcare. Our trainee volunteers bring fresh perspectives and push us to expand our vision. Through the multitude of opportunities within AMWA, they practice their engagement and leadership skills, develop meaningful career connections, and often make stunning contributions to AMWA and the field of medicine.”

A heartfelt thanks to each one of you – our volunteers. From our national physician leadership, to our regional and local leaders, our residency, medical school and premed leaders, to committee members, non-physician supporters, and interns who contribute to our work in so many ways: each of you is making a difference and enlarging our impact. Ours is a legacy of service by women in medicine.

AMWA has also recently become a certified organization to award the President’s Volunteer Service Award, so remember to track your volunteer hours with AMWA to achieve this recognition.



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