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AMWA Calls for Your Support to Pass the Protect Our Kids Act (H.R. 7910)

On Wednesday, June 8, the Protect Our Kids Act (H.R. 7910) was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. The fate of this important Bill is now up to the Senate. If passed, this bill would:

  • Establish a new tax credit for the sale of safe storage devices
  • Make it a criminal penalty for breaking requirements for the storage of firearms on residential premises
  • Increase the age limit on the purchase of certain firearms and high capacity ammunition
  • Require current laws for mandatory serial numbers to be applied to currently untraceable firearms (“ghost guns”)
  • Install measures to help prevent illegal gun trafficking and sales.

The House vote fell largely along party lines and is unlikely to pass the Senate if there is not significant political pressure put on Senate lawmakers. In concert with Doctors for America and other groups concerned about gun safety, AMWA is  encouraging our members to call and write their senators in support of the Protect Our Kids Act.

Our senate needs to hear from you. Contact your senator ( — make a phone call if you can and either write your own letter or use the following:

Dear Senator,

As a physician/future physician, I recognize the need for the Protect Our Kids Act (H.R. 7910), which has been approved by the House and is now in your hands. This Act is a step in the right direction to decrease further gun violence and needless death. The increasing rate of firearm-related deaths among children and young adults is alarming and tragic.

Please do not wait for the next massacre. Please vote YES for the Protect Our Kids Act and please do everything you can to ensure that the Act gains the bipartisan support it needs to pass in the Senate. 


Your Constituent

[Insert your name/address]

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