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AMWA Attends White House Gender Policy Council Meeting on Contraception

This month, Dr. Eileen Barrett represented AMWA at the White House Gender Policy Council Meeting on Contraception.

On June 7, the Gender Policy Council held a convening on Access to Contraception to discuss the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to strengthen access to affordable, high-quality contraception in honor of the 59th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Griswold v. Connecticut. This case upheld for the first time a constitutional right to privacy regarding reproductive decisions, specifically the use of contraceptives.

Dr. Eileen Barrett attended the event on behalf of AMWA and shared the following report:

I was privileged to attend the White House Convening on Access to Contraception on June 7th on behalf of AMWA. This approximately 50-person assembly of individuals and representatives from organizations who are working to advance equitable access to contraception heard from Admiral Rachel Levine and CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure about the extensive achievements over the last several years in improving contraception access. Specific successes reviewed included over the counter oral contraceptives, clarification of HIPAA rules around privacy as they relate to reproductive health, and HHS-issued EMTALA guidance defining abortion as a stabilizing treatment. It was also heartening to learn about new CMS grants for expanding reproductive health care, efforts to look systematically at best practices for Medicaid, and more.

On June 5, 2024 the Biden Administrating issued a statement of administration policy on S. 4381 – Right to Contraception Act, reiterating its steadfast support for this bill, which will protect the fundamental right for individuals to access contraception.



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