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AMWA attends iGIANT NASA roundtable

AMWA participated in an iGIANT roundtable at NASA Headquarters August 11, 2016 organized by Dr. Saralyn Mark. Participants included NASA leadership, female astronauts, aviators, deep sea divers, governmental agency leaders, and more.  The discussion focused on gender specific issues in space and the need to include these concepts in the development of technology and adaptive / protective equipment.


IMG_0465AMWA Executive Director Dr. Eliza Chin (L) with U.S. Airforce Colonel Nicole Malachowski (first female Thunderbird pilot)
IMG_0468L to R:  Dr. Saralyn Mark (iGIANTS Founder), Dr. Eliza Chin, Dr. Dawn Kernagis (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations Crew), Col. Cady Coleman, PhD (NASA Astronaut), and Lynn E. Buquo (NASA Prizes & Challenges Program)
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