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AMWA at the White House Signing of the Executive Order to Advance Women’s Health Research

Women’s Health Research Executive Order Signing

AMWA President Dr. Elizabeth Garner and Executive Director Dr. Eliza Chin were honored to be present at the White House at a special Women’s History Month event and the signing of the President Biden’s Executive Order advancing women’s health research. “This historic investment in women’s health marks a turning point in medicine and the recognition of the importance of the vital role of sex and gender specific research in healthcare, an area that AMWA has championed for nearly two decades,” said Dr. Eliza Chin. “As a leading organization dedicated to advancing women’s health and advocating for gender equity in medicine, AMWA welcomes this pivotal moment as a significant step towards addressing the longstanding disparities and gaps in women’s healthcare.”

L-R Maria Shriver, Dr. Eliza Chin, Dr. Sabrina Johnson, Dr. Elizabeth Garner

The event honored the leadership of Maria Shriver who worked with First Lady Jill Biden to launch this important effort last year. Shriver shared the experience of her own mother whose symptoms were not adequately addressed by her physicians. AMWA applauds the commitment to prioritizing women’s health research as a means to improve healthcare delivery, enhance patient outcomes, and ultimately, save lives.

The executive order sets a new precedent for prioritizing women’s health research on a national scale, building on the successful work of the NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) led by Dr. Janine Clayton. The Initiative on Women’s Health research at the White House is being lead led by First Lady Jill Biden and the White House’s Gender Policy Council and directed by Dr. Carolyn Mazure, founder and director of Yale School of Medicine’s Women’s Health Research at Yale. AMWA looks forward to working with the White House and the NIH ORWH as we look towards a future where every woman has access to comprehensive, evidence-based healthcare that addresses her unique biological and gender-specific needs.

Dr. Carolyn Mazure and Dr. Janine Clayton

“I believe the measure of the strength of a democracy is measured based on the standing of its women.” – Vice President Kamala Harris

“We have to get Congress to approve the $12 billion investment this President has called for to implement this bold vision.  So every woman, every philanthropist, every innovator, every advocate, every researcher, and every instigator in this room and out of this room needs to get in on this and join us in this massive undertaking.” – Maria Shriver

“So, today, as we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s write a new future for ourselves, for the girls and the women who will follow — a future where women leave doctors’ offices with more answers than questions; a future where no woman or girl has to hear…“It’s all in your head” or “It’s just stress”; a future where women aren’t just an afterthought in a world designed for men but the first thought in a world designed for everyone; a future where women don’t just survive, they lead long, healthy, and happy lives.” – Dr. Jill Biden

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