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AMWA at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28) in Dubai and recipient of $25,000 charitable gift from KuCoin

AMWA’s Global Health Lead, Dr. Padmini Murthy, represented AMWA and the League of Women Voters at COP 28, the UN Climate Change Conference held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) earlier this month. Dr. Murthy moderated the panel, Climate Crisis and Health of Women and the Girl Child: A Gender Perspective which featured the First Ladies of Suriname, the Bahamas – Her Excellency Madame Mellisa Santokhi-Seenacherry and Her Excellency Mrs. Ann-Marie Davis, Jing Zhao Cesarone (CEO, Global CSR Foundation), Dr. Shamma Al Memari, Dr. Hoda Alkhzaimi, Dr. Asrar Rashid, Lisha Yu, and Dr. Bhavani Rao.

Dr. Murthy was also a featured speaker at a gala hosted by KuCoin and held during the sidelines of COP 28. The Charity Gala Benefit announced KuCoin’s generous donation of $100,000 to three organizations as part of their commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility. AMWA was honored to be one of the 3 recipient organizations, along with the African Children’s Solar Lamp Project and the Global CSR Foundation. Read the press release here.

Speakers at the Gala included H.E. Ann Davis, the First Lady of the Common Wealth of Bahamas, Jing Zhao Cesarone, CEO of Global CSR Foundation, Dr. Padmini Murthy, NGO Representative of American Medical Women’s Association to the United Nations, and Dr. Anita Nana Okuribido, the representative of Smiling Simon Greenbuild Foundation. Dr. Murthy spoke about AMWA’s Menstrual Equity Project which is dedicated to helping young girls and women across the globe who come from socially disadvantaged communities globally to continue their studies and daily life with dignity and confidence.

AMWA member, Aishwarya Narasimhadevara, Advisor, United Nations Department of Global Communications Youth Representatives Steering Committee, also moderated a panel, “Coming Together: An Inter-generational Approach for Climate Advocacy,” organized by Global CSR under the auspices of Rotary International.

Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin, and Dr. Padmini Murthy

L-R: Jing Zhao Cesarone, H.E. Ann Davis and Dr. Murthy

H.E. Ann Davis (L) and Dr. Murthy

L-R: Dr. Hoda Alkhzaimi, Fatimah Al Memari (Diplomat UAE), Dr Padmini Murthy, H.E. Mellisa Santokhi- Seenacherry, Guest from Barbados, H.E. Ann Davis, Dr Shammah Al- Memari, Ms Jing Cesarone

L-R: Pascal Barollier (Chief Engagement and Information Officer, GAVI), Xi (Carter) Qiu, Aishu Narsimhadevara, Dr. Padmini Murthy

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