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AMWA at the Real Cost of Chronic Disease Briefing

AMWA Executive Director Dr. Eliza Chin moderated panel at the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease breakfast briefing on December 5, 2018. Panelists included Dr. Richard Allen Williams, former NMA President, Dr. Jose Alberto Arevalo, CMO Sutter Independent Physicians and CEO of Latino Physicians of California, and Sarah Steenhousen, MS, Senior Policy Advisor, the SCAN Foundation.

The keynote presentation was given by Hon. Donna Christensen, former delegate to Congress and the first woman physician to serve in Congress.

The briefing presented some sobering statistics regarding the staggering impact of chronic disease in the United States. Yet numbers do not tell the whole story. As one panelist remarked, “Chronic disease is not an equal opportunity killer.” Race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic factors play an important role. Many healthcare systems still suffer from systemic delivery issues, the need for quality measures, and more coordinated care. Some successes were highlighted, with the hope that these would become models of healthcare delivery. In the end, the importance of resilience was emphasized as a necessary component for transforming care models to improve the management of chronic disease.

L-R: Dr. Eliza Chin, Dr. Richard Allen Williams

L to R: L Dr. Jose Alberto Arevalo, Dr. Eliza Chin

L-R: Hon. Donna Christensen, Dr. Eliza Chin


Speakers L-R: Rev. Tammie Denyse, Dr. Eliza Chin, Dr. Richard Williams, Sarah Steenhousen, Dr. Jose Arevalo, Dr. Ken Thorpe

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