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AMWA at the Raw Science Film Festival

AMWA members, Dr. Laurel Waters, Dr. Eliza Chin, Dr. Douglas Chin, Mollie Marr, Tannaz Safary, Nitisha Mehta, and Apoorva Dharmadhikari attended the Raw Science Film Festival in Santa Barbara where AMWA’s film, At Home and Over There:  American Women Physicians in World War I was featured.

The festival included a full day of film screenings with several medically related films, including Unrest (winner – best documentary) a powerful film by Jen Brea about chronic fatigue syndrome and Target Zero (winner – best educational media), a well-crafted film which combined real patient stories with molecular disease modeling.

Luminaries at the red carpet awards evening included Nobel Prize Winner Kip Thorne speaking via satellite through an on-stage robot, film producer Peter Samuelson, Afghanistan entrepreneur and CEO of Digital Citizen Fund Roya Mahboob, Supreme singer Susaye Greene, Astronaut Dr. Yvonne Cagle, Palo Alto Longevity Prize Benefactor Dr. Joon Yun, Physics Professor Dr. Peter Lubin, and many more.

Workshops the following day featured discussions about science and film, neuropsychology, space travel ethics, intersections of film and education, and STEAM programs, led by leading film producers, researchers, and industry leaders.

L-R: Dr. Eliza Chin, Mollie Marr, Tannaz Safary, Dr. Laurel Waters

Nitisha Mehta (L) and Apoorva Dharmadhikari (R)

Nobel Prize Winner Kip Thorne via robot

Dr. Yvonne Cagle


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