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AMWA at the Project IMG Event in NYC

AMWA participated in Project IMGs signature event in New York City which drew in over 1000 participants from across the U.S.

Project IMG was founded by Dr. Sebastian Arruarana, a medical graduate from Argentina and current resident physician in New York City.

AMWA was honored to have Dr. Arruarana as a featured speaker in AMWA’s coffee chat series – a monthly webinar series featuring IMG‘s who are currently working or training in the U.S. The insights from these discussions have been invaluable.

International medical graduates currently make up about 25% of the physician workforce in the United States and contribute substantially to the diversity of our practitioner base. Since 2021, AMWA has provided mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities for our IMG members. Study groups help members encourage each other, even as the road seems long. We help connect IMGs with observerships and other opportunities that open new doors.

Drs. Sheila Toro, Mayver Gonzalez, and Raquel Horowitz represented AMWA at the signature Project IMG event in New York City this weekend.

“Participating in the IMG Event held this weekend in New York City was a wonderful experience,” said Dr. Toro. “I had the opportunity to connect with both new colleagues and old friends. Hundreds of International Medical Graduates came to our tent to greet us, share their journeys, and learn more about AMWA’s IMG Initiative. It was remarkable to observe that an overwhelming majority displayed enthusiasm and a genuine openness to collaborating with us, drawn by our goal of helping our community to integrate successfully into the American healthcare system. Thank you, project IMG, for your work and inviting us to such a fantastic event!”

AMWA’s IMG initiative, like so many our initiatives, was born out of the passion and dedication of our members. What began with an email has now grown into a robust initiative with a large following — and several subcommittees carrying on the work. We provide mentorship, study groups, webinars, and networking – and more.

Dr. Sheila Toro, who co-founded AMWA’s IMG initiative reflects on how AMWA has made an impact on her own journey. “When I first came to this country, I didn’t have a community within medicine. AMWA has become that community for me. The opportunities I have found with AMWA have shaped my life and helped me become the leader that I am today.”

If you are an IMG or if you want to support our IMG efforts, we encourage you to get involved. We are proud to partner with and support efforts like Project IM

From L to R: Drs. Mayver Gonzalez, Raquel Horowitz and Sheila Toro

The AMWA team with IMG event attendees

AMWA and Project IMG

Dr. Leu Fioravante (L) with the AMWA team



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