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AMWA at the Mayo GRIT* for Women in Medicine Conference

*Growth, Resilience, Inspiration, & Tenacity

AMWA Leaders, Dr. Roberta Gebhard (President), Dr. Nicole Sandhu (President-elect), Dr. Eliza Chin (Executive Director), Dr. Kim Seidel-Miller (Resident Division Past President), Dr. C.S. Tse (Resident Division President), and Dr. Madeleine Manka (Resident Division Awards Chair) represented AMWA at the Mayo GRIT conference this past weekend in sunny Ojai, California. They were joined by many AMWA members in a weekend filled with inspirational stories, practical tools for professional growth, evidence-based strategies, and networking. Organized by Dr. Anjali Bhagra and Dr. Susan Moeschler, the GRIT conference is now in its second year and growing. AMWA was well-represented at the conference and met many past, present, and future members at the AMWA exhibit table which shared information about many initiatives including Physicians Against the Trafficking of Humans (PATH), the Sex and Gender Health Education Summit, films in medicine, Studio AMWA, and books by women physicians.


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