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AMWA and Mt. Sinai Global Health co-sponsor conference to educate healthcare professionals on human sex trafficking.

AMWA and Mt. Sinai Global Health, Icahn School of Medicine co-hosted a training on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) by Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS) on December 14-15, 2013.  This 2-day training focused on understanding the issues surrounding CSEC, the recognition of victims, and the services that can be provided to them.  Attendees also gained a better understanding of what puts young girls at risk for CSEC and the influences which prevent them from escaping.  By hosting trainings such as these, AMWA hopes to educate healthcare professionals to be front-line responders when encountering victims of trafficking.  A nationwide media campaign in 2014 will continue to raise awareness among medical students, residents, and physicians across the country.  To learn more, visit–2#sthash.VY6YJywn.dpuf

To view a video about AMWA’s initiative to educate healthcare providers about human trafficking, please click here.


Attendees discuss case study



Dr. Kanani Titchen, AMWA Resident President second on right



Dr. Holly Atkinson, co-chair AMWA Human Trafficking Committee far left



AMWA’s Executive Director, Dr. Eliza Chin



Training Manual



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