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AMWA and Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

AMWA has reached out to leaders in regions affected by Hurricane Harvey. We will be assessing needs and sending support through the American Women’s Hospitals Service (AWHS).

AMWA Testimonials:

“Everyone has become a volunteer. We are banding together for the collective good.” Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein, AMWA Region 8 Governor, Radiologist in Harris County, Texas

“AMWA has always been a family, and in the aftermath of Harvey, we will continue to support and assist our members in any way we can.” Dr. Parin Patel, AMWA Resident Division President currently in Galveston, TX

“In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many families and neighborhoods in southeast Texas are facing unprecedented levels of damage. The process of rebuilding Houston, San Antonio, Galveston, Corpus Christi, and other towns along the Texas coast has begun, but this journey will take years as we work to replace damaged infrastructure…We call upon you in our time of need and please know that any donation made is so deeply appreciated by our communities.” — Anjali Raghuram, Program Chair I Baylor College of Medicine AMWA

Please see a summary of local needs assembled by AMWA Student Leader at Baylor, Anjali Raghuram.

Read this Medscape article about physicians on the front line!

We are also gathering funds for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

How you can help:

  1. Donate here to AWHS — 100 percent of funds go directly to support the work of AWHS. All administrative expenses are born by AMWA. We may expand our support to victims of Hurricane Irma, depending on the need.
  2. Volunteer with the American Red Cross, who has been a partner with AWHS ever since its founding in 1917.
  3. Spread the word about resources:
    1. Pfizer Rx Pathways.
    2. AMWA members interested in participating with local relief efforts are encouraged to join the Medical Reserve Corps.
  4. Donate supplies — See Support the Girls, Texas Diaper Bank Disaster Relief, and Houston Area Women’s Center at this link.

AWHS has a long legacy since its founding by AMWA in 1917. What began as an effort for women physicians to help in WWI, AWHS continues 100 years later to provide relief through grants to clinics, hospitals, and AMWA members traveling to areas of need. A documentary about this work is being completed and will be screened at the AMWA Interim Meeting in Kansas on September 16, 2017. Donations above $500 will be acknowledged in the film credits.

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