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AMWA Partners with DrugDocs Inc. to Raise Sex & Gender Awareness in Disease Treatment

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) and DrugDocs Inc. (DrugDocs) have formed a strategic partnership committed to raising sex/gender awareness in disease treatment.

DrugDocs developed the DRUGDOCS® platform to bring current best evidence on prescribed drugs to healthcare professionals and to inform evidence-based practices. With this partnership, DrugDocs is committed to disseminating information on the current evidence and gaps in clinical study data regarding sex/gender differences for prescribed medications.

Amplifying Sex and Gender Medicine

For AMWA, this alliance amplifies efforts to promote the integration of sex and gender healthcare into the medical education curricula. In 2008, AMWA co-founded the Sex and Gender Health Collaborative (SGHC), which brings together a collaborative network of allies within the field. From 2015 to 2021, AMWA hosted a series of four sex and gender health education summits to promote the integration of these concepts into the learning curricula of future healthcare practitioners. This latest collaboration is a significant step forward in creating a critical framework for consistent engagement and collaboration in the delivery of sex-specific personalized healthcare and in furthering the work of the AMWA Sex and Gender Health Collaborative.

“This partnership positions us to more effectively respond to the 2016 SABV (sex as biological variable) mandate from NIH and we’re looking forward to being a leading contributor to the vital learning that remains ahead for the entire scientific community,” says DrugDocs CEO Isabella Steffensen, PhD. “Everyone benefits from the awareness and resultant integration of more equity in research that will ultimately empower decision-makers to make better informed choices that create meaningful progress in the healthcare sector.”

AMWA Executive Director Dr. Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH, added, “Integrating sex and gender differences into medical education is integral to AMWA’s goal of improving healthcare for all. By collaborating with DrugDocs we hope to increase access to resources that will deepen our understanding of evidence-based personalized medicine for women and men, as well as our understanding of disease and physiology as a whole.”

In addition to collaborating on the DRUGDOCS® platform, AMWA and DrugDocs plan to jointly collaborate through various educational initiatives to highlight the importance of sex and gender differences in therapeutic outcomes.

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