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AMWA 2019 Interim Meeting Highlights

AMWA’s 2019 Interim Meeting was held in Washington, DC and represented the culmination of 4 months of strategic planning by the AMWA leadership team.  The result was a newly refined vision and mission for AMWA which now focuses on a 3-pronged approach:  advancing women in medicine, advocating for equity, and ensuring excellence in healthcare.

AMWA welcomed new leaders within the resident, medical student, and premedical student divisions as well as 3 new board members, Dr. Amy Hise, Dr. Cherilyn Cecchini, and Dr. Shobha Krishnan.

AMWA President 2019-2020 Dr. Roberta Gebhard
AMWA Resident Division President Dr. Ana Zelivianskaia
AMWA Medical Student Division President Ms. Mollie Marr
AMWA Premedical Student Division President Ms. Lara Rostomian

Leadership training was provided by Rebekah Apple, Director of Carnegie Mellon’s Master of Medical Management.

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