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American Women’s Hospitals Services’ Grants Update and Search for Volunteers

AWHS provides grants to overseas clinics and individuals working on projects abroad and in the US that address the healthcare needs of underserved people, especially women and children. Dr. Laura Roebuck has been a significant financial supporter of this work and we thank her for passion and generosity.

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AWHS has an active volunteer committee, chaired by Dr. Laura Helfman. The committee is looking for more members-both trainees and practicing physicians-to help with much needed initiatives. If you are interested in joining the AWHS committee, send an email to

AWHS is changing to an annual process to the review and select overseas travel and community project grants. The due date for applications for the next set of grants is January 30, 2019.

We would like to recognize the individuals were received individual grants in 2018. Congratulations to all of these well-deserving individuals. As part of the grant, recipients are asked to provide a report of their experiences. You can read about past recipients’ work here.

January 2018 – Overseas Travel Grants

  • Christine Thang
  • Chung Sang Tse

July 2018 – Overseas Travel Grants

  • Alexandra Bader
  • Minoo D’Cruz
  • Lara Hewitt
  • Reshma Patel
  • Kadijah Porter

July 2018 – Community Project Grants

  • Eleanor Germano
  • Emily Stone
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