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AAOS Seeks Volunteers for Surgical Site Infections Auxiliary Use Criteria Voting Panel

Deadline Monday, May 28

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) seeks healthcare professionals with expertise on the topic to participate on the voting panel for the Management of Postoperative Surgical Site Infections appropriate use criteria. The voting panel will participate in two rounds of voting, during which they will rate the appropriateness of various treatments related to surgical site infection. Voting panel members will be required to complete the AAOS conflict of interest enhanced disclosure form online and attend a 1-day, in-person meeting in Rosemont, IL (Date TBD — Travel, hotel, and meals will be paid for by the AAOS).

SSI Voting Panel Letter

If you are interested in participating on the voting panel for this AUC topic, please contact Mary DeMars at

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