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AMWA Co-Leads 4th Summit on Sex and Gender Health Education

The American Medical Women’s Association, in partnership with the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health at Texas Tech, the Mayo Clinic, and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, brings together experts from across the nation and internationally (virtually) for the 4th Sex and Gender Health Education (SGHE), November 12 -14, 2021.

The 2021 SGHE Summit focuses on designing and integrating sustainable curriculum methods to better inform- sex and gender-specific patient care across all healthcare professions in line with precision medicine. In addition, the summit is designed to increase awareness of the intersectionality of sex, gender, race, and social determinants.

“The Sex and Gender Health Education Summit will discuss in depth the progress we are making to transform medical education and healthcare training,” said Janice Werbinski, MD, president of the American Medical Women’s Association. In our fourth year of the summit, we aim to address the specific patient care needs of women and other marginalized communities, which so often differ from the standard 70 kg white male.”

The 2021 summit includes keynotes by sex and gender expert, Dr. Alyson MacGregor, associate professor of emergency medicine at Brown University School of Medicine and author of Sex Matters: How Male-Centric Medicine Endangers Women’s Health—and What We Can Do About It; Dr. Sarah Temkin NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH), and Amy Koerber, Ph.D., professor and associate dean for administration and finance at Texas Tech University, and a special screening of Ms. Diagnoseda documentary film from Emmy Award-winning team Tricia Regan, Dr. Jennifer Mieres, Lori Russo, and Dr. Stacey Rosen.

“Health research is clear now: biological and sociological variables impact patient outcomes,” says keynote speaker Dr. Alyson MacGregor. “Now it’s time for health educators to integrate this new knowledge into their teachings in order to equip inter-professional providers with the right evidence to make a difference.”

“Equally important, this 4th SGHE Summit expands the focus of education and training with a sex and gender lens in healthcare to address its intersectionality with race, social determinants, and other factors,” says Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH, Executive Director of the American Medical Women’s Association. “The message could not be more timely or relevant to what we are facing in healthcare today.”

AMWA’s national partnership is dedicated to engaging thought leaders to create a roadmap that integrates sex and gender-based evidence into medicine and health professions training.

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