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3 AMWA residents are finalists for the Medelita award

Three AMWA residents are finalists for the Medelita award.

Three AMWA residents have been nominated and are finalists for the first ever Medelita “Right Fit” Resident H.E.R.O. Award. Out of the remaining candidates, 10 will become finalists. The Grand Prize is $25,000 to be used to pay down student debt (which frees up money, in my opinion, for pursuing advocacy and outreach projects!)

The 3 AMWA residents are:
1. Kanani:
2. Dyani:
3. Samantha:

Please vote for our residents!
(1) Go to the resident’s profile link (above)
(2) Scroll to the bottom of the page
(3) Click on the Facebook, Twitter, and/or GooglePlus icons.
(4) Each person can vote for the same candidate 3 times using all 3 forms of social media.

Voting ends April 14th.

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