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2024 HPV Prevention Week a Resounding Success!

The Us vs HPV Prevention Week  is a global and virtual yearly initiative. With the help of experts from around the world, we build community by educating clinicians and the public about the HPV virus, its related cancers, prevention and treatment options.

The 6th Annual HPV Prevention Week was a resounding success, featuring a weeklong series of webinars to promote awareness about HPV and HPV-related diseases. Organized by the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) and the Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC), we are grateful to the support from numerous medical associations around the world. This year’s engagement hit a new record, nearly doubling the number of registrants from the previous year.

The event was co-chaired by Dr. Bisi Alli, Dr. Shobha S. Krishnan, and Dr. Eliza Chin. Additional moderators included Dr. Paru David, Dr. Alice Lin, H.E. Dr. Zainab Bagudu, and Anisha Loeb. Webinar topics included HPV Vaccine Update: New Trends, QI, and FemTech Innovation; Diversifying Us vs. HPV: Amplifying Voices of Patients and Stakeholders; It’s Up to Us: Race to End HPV Cancers Starting with Cervical Cancer – Vaccination, Screening, Treatment; HPV and Oropharyngeal Cancer; and Answering the Call: Empowering Community Leaders. Speakers like Dr. Kristina Butler and Dr. Joel Palefsky reviewed the rising rates of HVP-related cervical and anal cancers, while Dr. Onyinye Balogun highlighted the importance of femtech innovations for brachytherapy as an important aspect of treatment.

A special Congressional Briefing hosted by HealthyWomen focused on Preventing HPV-Related Cancers through Vaccination and Screening and current legislation that has been introduced in Congress to increase education and awareness about HPV prevention through vaccination. We were grateful for members of congress, advocacy leaders, and patients for bravely sharing their own stories about HPV-related cancers.

On January 25th, Drs Chin and Krishnan were also honored to participate in the White House Cervical Cancer Forum hosted by the Biden Cancer Moonshot team and share information about HPV Prevention Week with other stakeholders.

Here are some final thoughts from co-chairs, Dr. Alli and Dr. Krishnan:

HPV Prevention: What Matters Most

Why do we talk about HPV? A woman dies every 2 minutes to 90 seconds from cervical cancer in this world. And if we do nothing, it will claim a woman every 60 seconds in the near future from this preventable disease. We can, should and must end cervical cancer together!

Cervical cancer is almost 100% preventable through HPV vaccination, screening, and early treatment.

Take action for yourself and your entire family to prevent 6 different types of HPV-cancers and diseases that can affect all genders.

To learn more, visit

Shobha S. Krishnan, MD, FAAFP
Founder and President, Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC)
Board of Directors, American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)
Member, Advocacy and Campaign Committee, International Papillomavirus Society (IPVS)

Why does vaccination matter in HPV Prevention?

“We discuss HPV infection and its related cancers because they are very preventable! HPV causes cervical cancer, colorectal and anal cancers, and HPV is now the #1 cause of mouth and throat cancers across sexes. The vaccine is highly effective in prevention and even linked to the regression of some types of cervical cancer. Vaccinating means one less disease that burdens all patients and their loved ones. Importantly, vaccinating everyone benefits women, who are disproportionately impacted by this virus. We recognize the apprehension around vaccines and there is a lot of value in having informed discussions about risks and benefits with licensed medical professionals. Talking with experts is a head-on approach to tackling misinformation. Everyone deserves a chance to avoid the consequences of this virus!”

Bisi Alli, DO, MS, FACP, dipABLM
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Principal, WellNEST Medicine LLC
Assistant Professor, Univ. of Arizona College of Medicine—Phoenix
Board of Directors, American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)
Advance Coach & AMWA Liaison, American College of Physicians (ACP)
ACP National Representative, Women’s Wellness through Equity & Leadership Program

For an overview of the agenda and to watch the webinars, visit the AMWA and GIAHC websites.

Thanks to our co-chairs, moderators, speakers, and volunteers for an outstanding event in 2024. We applaud the work of our allies around the world and are grateful to the support of our co-sponsors. And, thank you to all who participated in this year’s activities to increase awareness of HPV and how it can be prevented.





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