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2019 White Coat Project: Mindfulness in Medicine

This year’s White Coat Project, Mindfulness in Medicine, is a follow up to last year’s discussion on physician suicide. We’re encouraging students to discuss what mindfulness means to them and what techniques they use to encourage wellness and balance in their life.

This project involves purchasing a coat (using funding from your local AMWA branch) and placing it in a central student location at your school so that peers may decorate the item with their ideas and drawings on this topic! Schools being represented at the National Conference will be asked to bring their coats to the Medical Women’s International Association Centennial Congress in NYC to be displayed in a public art gallery for Studio AMWA.

Last year, AMWA Studio was able to get 7 schools to participate in the White Coat Project and I’d like for our goal this year to be able to get at least twice as many! Below is the link to the project page that contains more specifics on how to purchase white coats and encourage participation. The deadline will be July 1st! Please let me know if your school would be able to participate and how we could help!

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