Need Her Science Campaign


Join us in the #NeedHerScience Campaign that is aimed at addressing journal-level gender bias.

For decades, studies have demonstrated gender bias in publishing. This may occur at various stages in the process, including at the level of the journals. The equitable inclusion of women editors at every level is long overdue. Addressing journal gender bias starts at the top.

AMWA is a strategic partner for the Need Her Science Campaign which is part of the Be Ethical Campaign. More information is available at

The goal: To raise awareness about gender bias in publishing and share with stakeholders, including journal editors and owners, the overall number of scientists, healthcare professionals and others who have taken the pledge. The pledge can be taken anonymously. Educators and others are encouraged to take the pledge and share information about this issue with colleagues and trainees.


Here are 3 quick and easy things you can do to join the #NeedHerScience Campaign:
1. Disseminate the infographic Tips for Publishing in Medical Journals.
2. Take the #NeedHerScience pledge.
3. Encourage others to take the pledge.


PLEDGE:  “As part of determining where to submit my manuscripts, I will look at the list of editors and consider whether a journal has equitably included qualified women at every level.”

Take the Pledge

“Journals depend on the privilege of publishing the best scientific work, and they need women’s research to be successful.”

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