AMWA Member Benefits — For Your Financial Wellbeing

You’ve invested significant time and energy in your medical training and career. Now you are trying to meet all your responsibilities at work and home so it’s hard to focus on financial decisions, too. We’re here to help. Since money is a leading cause of stress, AMWA wants to provide tools that will help you define and incorporate good financial habits into your daily routine. For this, AMWA is partnering with, a financial coaching app that makes it easy for you to practice money mindfulness every day.  Take a test drive –>


Nav stands for, we navigate “it”, meaning life. “It” stands for all the ups and downs, injustices, barriers, and constant life challenges. represents power, accomplishment, and the confidence you feel when you have successfully overcome a challenging situation. Whether it’s financial stressors like money management, a salary negotiation, a relocation, a cost of living increase, or just a basic conflict over who should plan dinner, is here for you.

How the App Works

Using helps how you talk, think, and feel about money. It will help you track your spending, create a budget, set goals, begin saving, and stay on top of your finances. At the same time. Later on, you will have the option to meet with an accredited financial coach virtually for 1:1 sessions if you want help in overcoming a financial issue, answer investment questions, or get guidance on how to reach a financial goal. Hopefully this demo linked below gives you a better sense of how Navit works. Take a Test Drive

Want a Preview of the Kind of Information You Can Expect?

Listen to CEO Erin Papworth in discussion with Jen Sapel, a certified financial planner, about the 5 key habits that lead to financial confidence.

Through this partnership, AMWA members will receive 6 months of free access to the app, which will then be extended for only $1/per month for the remainder of your first year.

(This is an $84 annual value provided through your membership.)

As this is a member benefit, for those of you who are not yet an AMWA member or need to renew your membership Will Help You Establish Money Mindfulness Routines with 4 Behaviors

Reviewing Transactions

It is one thing to look at a list of transactions on your banking statements; it’s a completely different experience to interact with the process. With the app’s Transaction Swiping, for example, you look at each purchase and review how it made you feel. Like a dating app, you swipe right on transactions you feel good about, left on those you aren’t so keen on, and up for those that are just “meh”. It’s never been easier to connect what you feel with what you spend.

Reflect on your daily mindset

With daily mindset check-ins, you will be prompted to take a moment to reflect and improve your relationship with your money. This time helps you manage any worries and anxiety so you’ll stress less throughout the day.

Customizable Budgeting

Improve the mental accounting of your money. Start with a budget calculated from the history of your connected accounts. Organize it to create a plan that helps you reach your goals.


With greater Insights, you’ll bring more meaning to your money. Once you connect an account with, you’ll be able to swipe right (positive), left (negative), and up (neutral) on all of your transactions. The more you swipe, the more comprehensive your data gets.

Speaking of Account Connections employs bank-level security across all aspects of the app. Everything is encrypted; we whitelist IPs for access and utilize 2-factor authentication for all users. In short, security is our number one priority.

We’re committed to your privacy and desire for security. Here’s how we protect you:

🔒 FDIC insurance. A federally-insured banking partner backs the automated savings accounts.
🔒 Powerful security. Our best-in-class security protocols like Multi-factor authentication and account encryption, ensure protects what is yours.
🔒 Serious privacy

  • You own your information. We promise to use it only to help set you up for success. What’s yours is always and only yours. Your data will never to shared or sold.
  • Read a promise from our founder here: Privacy and Technology.

Read more about Plaid, the platform companies like Venmo use to maintain your privacy, here.

Questions about student loans or medical school debt? Our partners at, the fitness app for your finances, can help you answer them. 

They are offering all AMWA members two free, 30-minute coaching sessions with one of their Accredited Financial Coaches. Follow this link to sign up for your session!

You can also access additional content on how to be in control of your student loans by downloading the app 🎉

To download from your phone, tap this link.

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