The MWIA Centennial Gala featured a special commemoration of women physicians in uniformed service from countries around the world. This ceremony honored their dual commitment to both their country and to their patients.

The following women were honored:

  • ENS Vasilakis, Kayla
  • LCDR Barnes, Danielle
  • MAJ Salter, Carolyn
  • RADM Wyllie, Dawn
  • MAJ Adipo, Judith Auma
  • Dr. Glory Essien
  • CAPT Prior, Kate
  • LCDR Ormeno, Monica
  • CDR Cazares, Paulette
  • LCDR Staben, Rebecca
  • LCDR Wrenn-Maresh, Katherine
  • Dr. Fatima Shakova

This programming also has special significance to the founding of MWIA which occurred at a special dinner celebrating the return of U.S. women physicians from war work abroad.

Please read an excerpt from a report by Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy on the founding of MWIA.

“The first definite move toward the formation of the Medical Women’s International Association was made at a dinner given at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, on October 21, 1919, by the governing board of the American Women’s Hospitals — a committee of the Medical Women’s National Association.

“This dinner was given in honor of a group of young women physicians and surgeons who had just returned from France where they had been serving, during and subsequent to the War, at the American Women’s Hospital No I, at Luzancy on the Marne, and as a courtesy to the distinguished medical women from foreign countries attending the International Conference of Women Physicians held under the auspices of the Social Morality Committee of the War Work Council of the Young Women’s Christian Association.”

Learn more about the work of American women physicians in WWI in a film produced by the American Medical Women’s Association HERE.