Congratulations to the MWIA Centennial Congress winning posters:

Physician Division

First Place:  “Mother’s Mind Matters: Unique Attempt to Provide Urgent Psychiatric Care to Depressed Perinatal Women within a Psychiatry Residency Program.” Authors: Tareen RS, Kothari C,  Gross K, Liepman M.

Second Place:  “Effectiveness and Feasibility of Lung Cancer Screening Using Network System with Computer-Aid Nodule Detection Program for Implementing in Population.” Authors: Kim Y, Lee CW.

Third Place:  “Increase in the Childhood Thyroid Cancer Incidence Rate in Fukushima Prefecture after the Accident at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.” Authors: Sakiyama H & Yoshida Y.


Resident Division

First Place: “The Relationship Between Demographic Characteristics Of Reproductive Age Filipino-muslim Women And Their Knowledge, Attitude, And Practices Regarding Family Planning In Northern Mindanao Medical Center: A Cross-sectional Study.” Authors: Lucman FM, Alonsabe MOV, Diawatan MMF.

Second Place: “A Decade-Long Analysis of Gender Parity in Gastroenterology Fellowship Programs’ Leadership, Trainees, and Applicants in North America from 2008-2019.” Authors: Tse CS; Nguyen H, Hinds P, Shaliesha K,* Haq M, Moss S, Bhagra A.

Third Place: “Head And Neck Injuries Observed In Violence Against Women.” Authors: Gn NT, Fi K, Diarra Y, Timbo Sk.

Student Division

First Place: “The Relationship Between Barriers to Help-Seeking  and Health Issues Among South Asian Immigrant Victims of Intimate Partner Violence.” Authors: Shah A, Sabri B.

Second Place: “Inflammatory Breast Cancer Masked as Puerperal Mastitis.” Authors: Miller KJ, Ludwig KK, Bell MC, Loncharich AJ

Third Place: “A Patient’s Voice Guides Treatment of Pregnancy-Associated Breast Cancer.” Authors: Huang C, Gehring V, Powell K, Newton E