Please join in this exciting evening of “Film in Medicine” featuring courageous women who made great beneficial contributions to human well-being.

Meet at Ballroom ABC at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott Friday night July 26, 7:00-8:45pm. Free event!

Association of Medical Women in India Celebrates Its Centennial (1907-2017)
The Association of Medical Women in India, registered in 1907, was the first such organization in the world. Its mission has been and continues to be, to provide service to women and children, especially the poor.
The AMWI Mission Hospital in Calcutta is unique in that it is run entirely by the efforts of the women doctors of AMWI (West Bengal Branch). Today there are 50 beds that serve women and children. Fees are waived or minimal. The poor are not turned away. Physicians donate their time, and many are on caIl 24/7.

At Home and Over There: American Women Physicians in World War I
When the United States entered the war in 1917, women physicians numbered less than 6% of all physicians. Many were eager for the chance to serve their country. But when the Army Surgeon General sent out a call for physicians to serve in the Medical Corps, the women who applied were rejected. Wom-en physician leaders across the country protested this decision and petitioned the government, but the War Department stood firm.

Lady Ganga: A Global Movement to Eliminate Cervical Cancer
Michele Frazier Baldwin knew she was going to die. She knew this would be her last opportunity to make a difference in the world and what she did in the waning months of her life was truly remarkable… and she gave us full access to film it all, with nothing off-limits.

The Gender Lady: The Fabulous Dr. May Cohen
Official Selection Toronto Jewish Film Festival People’s Choice Award
Dr. May Cohen is a brilliant Canadian physician and women’s rights trailblazer. For over 60 years, she has advocated powerfully in Canada and internationally for women’s reproductive rights, women’s health and women physicians’ advancement — and in the end, for us all.