Danielle Wood

Student Division Mentorship Chair

Danielle Wood is currently a 22-year-old medical student at the Long School of Medicine from San Diego, CA. She has dedicated much of her time to developing her leadership skills, mentorship relationships, and academic and clinical abilities both at her undergraduate school, TCU, and at Long. She currently is serving as president of American Medical Women’s Association, Catholic Medical Student Association, and OBGYN Student Interest Group. She is also a captain Veritas Peer Advisor where her main role is to mentor incoming students on success, both personal and academic at Long. In all that Danielle does, her main goal is to advance the personal and profession development of the people around her. That is why she meets one-on-one quarterly with her nine AMWA exec members to goal set, encourages the other investigators on her post-partum depression research to apply to conference to be first author, and does her best to offer advice from her experiences. In order to do this well she often reaches out to physicians she has worked with in the past, presidents of companies, and trusted peers to gain insight on problem solving, relationships, and skill development. 

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