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Member Spotlight: Dr. Mary Rorro Royal News

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AMWA member Dr. Mary Rorro is a New Jersey physician, songwriter and poet. She is Chair of the American Medical Women’s Association Music and Medicine Committee and Co-Chair of the Humanities Committee. Dr. Rorro recently was featured for her creative work in royal circles in Italy and London.


She played the Inno Sardo Nazionale on her viola for HRH Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice, Italy at the Gala of the American Foundation of Savoy Royal Orders. The Gala was held at the historic University Club in New York City on December 17, 2022.

Dr. Rorro was published twice in issues of “Antenna,” the Journal of the Royal Entomological Society. The December 2022 issue was dedicated to their new Patron of the Journal, King Charles III. She wrote a piece about the Monarch butterfly and the importance of conservation called “King William III, Prince Charles III and the royal reign of the Monarch butterfly.”

She was originally published by the esteemed Journal in June 2021 for her story and poem “Ode to a Cicada Symphony” about the Brood X Cicada emergence when Queen Elizabeth II was the Patron of the Journal.

In November, AMWA announced the inaugural issue of Humanities and Healing: An Arts and Medicine Journal, a project that was conceived by Dr. Rorro and her Medical Humanities Committee Co-chair, Dr. Gloria Bachmann, who is director of the Women’s Health Institute of Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

The project, which showcases the work of more than 50 physician and student artists was published jointly by AMWA’s Music and Medicine Committee and Rutgers’ Women’s Health Institute.

We are grateful for the creativity and creative leadership of Dr. Rorro!

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