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Turning Point

Turning Point“In the gripping new documentary Turning Point, acclaimed filmmaker James Keach takes us inside the quest for the first medication that that could treat the underlying process of Alzheimer’s disease, more than a century after Dr. Alois Alzheimer first described the brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and cognitive skills. Along the way, we meet the people behind these grand experiments, the scientists driven as much by personal conviction as professional innovation. And we discover why medical science is never easy, often unpredictable and potentially perilous – and, as America’s preeminent scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson reminds us, always worth the pursuit.”

Turning Point


Screening Information: There are two different kinds of screenings currently available for Turning Point.

  • Impact Screenings require the purchase of a screening license, and that fee varies based on type of audience, type of host, and number of attendees. These screenings can be public or private, and anyone is welcome to host a screening. The request form for this type of screening is here.
  • RACERS is a special initiative in partnership with Gates Ventures. These screenings must be private, and are only for healthcare providers, students who will become healthcare providers, social workers, and schools of social work. It is free to host a screening as part of the RACERS program; we just require that all attendees complete a survey after they watch the film. All interested parties should email the Turning Point Screenings Team at and include “RACERS screening request” in the subject line or apply for viewing here.

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