Out of My Head

“A filmmaker sets out to investigate the devastating migraine attacks that have her daughter in their grip. As mother and daughter seek understanding and ever-elusive treatment, we follow them into a bizarre and fascinating world populated by doctors, neuroscientists, other
migraineurs, and such unexpected characters as Lewis Carroll, Thomas Jefferson, and Joan Didion. We learn that, rather than a terrible headache, migraine is a complex, deeply stigmatized neurological disease afflicting nearly a billion people worldwide. This kaleidoscopic journey, told through interviews, cinema verité, art and animation, explores the history, impact and raw emotion evoked by this unpredictable and confounding condition.” – Out of My Head 

Website: https://outofmyheadfilm.com/about/

Screening Information: Requests for group and public screenings in the USA and Canada, as well as Home DVD and streaming options should be directed to KinoLorberEDU.com – For all other inquiries and an overview of distribution options visit outofmyheadfilm.com/buy-the-film/.

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