About Us

The idea for Media AMWA was conceived in 2018 as part of AMWA’s growing interest in the medical humanities. Film can be a powerful tool for both education and advocacy. In fact, films have been regular feature of AMWA meetings, both nationally and locally. In 2017, AMWA collaborated with Raw Science Foundation to produce At Home and Over There: American Women Physicians in WWI and participated as a collaborator of the 2017 Raw Science Film Festival and a sponsor of the 2019 Raw Science Film Festival.

We hope that this exhibition will serve as a resource to promote films that highlight topics in medicine and health. We welcome recommendations of additional films to feature.


Project Leads:

Emily Chen
Mollie Marr
Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH

Film Resources:

Bessie Young

Student Researchers:

Sukaina Alikhan
Athena Barrett
Rachel Chauvin
Mallory Dameron
Adria Stauber