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Gain Insights to Lead with Emotional Intelligence

By Dr. Farzana Hoque

What factors are key when leading with Emotional Intelligence?

Empathy is Key: When leading with emotional intelligence, it’s important to prioritize understanding the emotions and perspectives of your colleagues and team members. Foster asupportive environment where individuals feel heard and valued. What about communicating effectively? Leading by example? What else is important?

Farzana Hoque, MD

Gain strategies to elevate your inner leader across all realms, from personal to professional, at the Leading with Emotional Intelligence workshop on Saturday at 12 ET on March 24, during the 109th AMWA Annual Meeting. This engaging session offers a deep dive into the core of emotional intelligence, blending the latest findings with practical case studies to empower you with actionable strategies.

Join us at the 109th AMWA Annual Meeting — Thriving, Leading, Transforming: Securing Your Future in the Changing Landscape of Medicine —

where you will gain a clearer sense of how to embody emotional intelligence as well as to inspire and empower your team to do the same, creating a positive and harmonious work culture. This workshop session will be lead by Farzana Hoque, MD,MRCP, FACP, FRCP Associate Professor of Medicine, Acting Internship Co-Director, Saint Louis University School of Medicine



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