Dr. Jill Wener is a Board-certified physician leader with academic, social justice, wellness, and entrepreneurial experience. She is an active member of AMWA and is on the AMWA DEJI committee. She graduated from Emory University School of Medicine in 2003, completed her Internal Medicine residency at the University of Washington in 2006, and she worked as an academic hospitalist at Rush University Medical Center from 2006-2015, where she served as the Director of Education of the Division of Hospital Medicine and the Director of Faculty Development of Rush Medical College. She transitioned out of clinical medicine in 2015, and she now works as an expert in physician wellness and as an anti-racism educator. She is the Owner of Conscious Health Meditation + Wellness and the CEO of Conscious Anti-Racism LLC.

Jill has 2+ years practice teaching and implementing social justice and anti-racism programs for individuals, healthcare, and corporate, including co-authoring a book on social justice (Conscious Anti-Racism: Tools for Self-Discovery, Accountability, and Meaningful Change, published in November 2020), hosting a social justice podcast, creating/delivering online and live/virtual anti-racism trainings, and serving as a Faculty Facilitator for the ACGME Equity Matters program. She has experience in design, direction and implementation of an anti-racism curriculum for healthcare professionals focused on increasing knowledge of systemic racism and social determinants of health and reducing the negative health outcomes due to implicit bias. Jill has a special focus and interest in trauma and how it perpetuates systemic racism within the healthcare system (and what may be done to heal from and prevent that trauma).

Jill also has 5+ years full-time practice of teaching and implementing wellness and stress-reduction programs for physicians and healthcare organizations. She is a certified Conscious Health Meditation instructor, an EFT/Tapping practitioner, and she is the creator of the CME-accredited online meditation course called ‘Meditation for Doctors: A Guide to the REST Technique’. She has developed and delivered presentations nation-wide on social justice, anti-racism, stress management, mindfulness, meditation, and medical education. She leads meditation retreats for women in healthcare around the world, and she is the Chief Wellness Officer of the TransforMD Mastery Retreat for Women Physicians.

In addition to publishing her Conscious Anti-Racism book, Jill has published multiple articles on KevinMD, has been featured on the Al Jazeera show ‘The Stream’ talking about burnout and moral injury, and she has been featured on multiple podcasts.