Frequently Asked Questions for Administrators

This page is a resource for Administrators of the AMWA site and database.  If you have a question that is not addressed here, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

How do I get to the CiviCRM Database?

Once in the wordpress dashboard, find the CiviCRM option on the left menu (near the bottom). Click here, and your Civi options will appear. finding the CIVICRM database






How do I find and export membership records?

You’ll find membership records in the civicrm database. The following screenshots will walk you through how to export membership records. You can search by membership type, join date, membership status, etc.





Or you can select “Export Primary Fields,” which will export all fields into a spreadsheet.




How do I merge duplicates?

When looking for contacts in Civi, you might come across two contacts with the same name and contact info. To merge these two contacts into one, follow these steps.

Merge duplicate 1

Merge Duplicate 2

How do I edit a contact?

To edit a contact, search for them in the “Find Contacts” bar in the upper left corner of the civi dashboard. Once you find the contact you wish to edit, click on their name to see their info.

edit contact


How do I add a contribution? How do I add or change a membership?

First, find the contact whose info you’d like to change by searching for them in the “find contacts” bar in Civi.

contribution membership


For a contribution:

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 3.19.16 PM


On the following screen, you’ll be able to select the contribution type.

To change/add a membership:

Change in Membership 2 Change in Membership 3Change in Membership 4

You can also change membership info this way, such as membership status or expiration date.

How do I manage contribution page settings?

If you want to manage contribution page settings, such as change the thank-you message or receipting, make sure you are in CiviCRM and follow the following steps.

Manage Contributions 1

manage contribution 2


Find the contribution type you want to change, and click on “configure.”

manage contribution 3

manage contribution 4

How do I make a refund in Stripe? In Civi?

If a user accidentally pays twice, or needs a refund for any reason, you will need to make the refund in Stripe, and then in Civi as well.

Log in to Stripe, and then find the payment you want to refund.

refund on stripe


Then go to Civi. Find the person who you wish to refund by searching for their contact, and go to their “contribution” tab. Then, locate the contribution you want to refund and press “edit.”

refund in civi

refund in civi 2


How do I mark a member as deceased?

1) Open that member’s CiviCRM profile

2) Click “Edit”

3) Select the “Membership” tab

4) Click “Edit”

5) Check off “Status Override” and then, using the dropdown, select “deceased.”

6) Make sure to save changes.

How do I add an AMWA email address? How do I update a forward?

To manage AMWA email, you will first log into AMWA’s google apps account. Once you are logged in, you will choose “users” on your admin console.

email 1

email 2

You will usually want to add a user manually.  If you have a lot to add, it is possible to update a batch of users. To do this you will need to download the CSV template, fill it out accordingly, and upload it. Here, we will just focus on adding a using manually.

email 3


Type the position name into the name fields, and your desired email address into the email field. Press Create.

email 4

email 5


This is where you will set up the email forward. Select Account, then scroll down to the email routing section. Add another destination, and enter the email address this email should forward to. This should be the personal email address of whoever is in the position.

email 6


You can change the forward at any time, or add multiple forward addresses. This is how you change who receives emails when leadership changes every year.

Once you have set up the forward, you will want to email the email address to test that the email forwards to the proper email address.

How do I add a financial type?

If you need to add a new financial type in civi, follow these directions. First, in civi navigate using the top menu to administer -> civicontribute -> financial accounts. Here, select “add financial account.”new financial type 1

Fill out the form that pops up with the information for your new financial account. You can look at other accounts for a guideline of what info to enter.

new financial type 2

Once you have created your new financial account, you must create a new financial type. Navigate to administer -> civicontribute -> financial types, and press Add Financial Type at the bottom of the page.
new financial type 3


Enter the name and other info for your new financial type.

New Financial type 4

Your new account should now be in the list. Find it, and select “Accounts”.

new financial type 5

Fill out the appropriate accounts. You should be able to find the account you just created and match it with the type (civi often will do this automatically if the account and type have the same name). Hit save. You now will be able to assign contributions to this financial type!

new financial type 6

How do I add an affiliate organization?

When AMWA adds a new affiliate organization, they will need to be added as an option on the affiliate member registration form. You do this by adding the organization as an option to the custom field “Affiliate Organization.” Follow the instructions below:

Affiliate Org 1

Affiliate Org 2Affiliate Org 3

Once saved, the new organization will show up as an option in both of the affiliate membership forms.

How do I change the minimum for donations?

In Civicrm, navigate to Contributions -> Manage Contribution Pages. Then, select the donation page for which you’d like to alter the minimum donation. (You will need to do this for many donation pages if you’d like to change the minimum site wide).

Click Configure -> Contribution Amounts. In this tab, scroll down to the box labeled “Minimum Amount.” Then enter the new amount and click save.