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AMWA has been changing the face of medicine for over 100 years. No matter where you go, AMWA has an extensive network of women in medicine locally, nationally, and internationally. With these friends and professional contacts in AMWA you will have a powerful network for personal and professional growth.

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AMWA continues to develop and to encourage women to work together to advance their careers.  AMWA established online communities for women to communicate and collaborate in a space that is not limited by geographic location or time.  Become part of our vibrant community online and keep up with networking, mentoring, advocacy, leadership, funding and fellowship opportunities that will change your life through AMWA’s growing networks online.

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Benefits of Online Social Networks

One of the most important reasons for bringing AMWA online is for member interaction. When we engage our community to interact with each other on a more personal level we are no longer just an organization or a website, we are people communicating about accomplishing goals, advocating for issues we care about, providing and receiving mentoring, and recommending each other for available job positions.  When we invest in creating a vibrant and active community, mobilization of our supporters for action becomes easy.  Advocates can use social networking to reach a large audience of existing and potential supporters, obtain jobs, inspire dialogue around healthcare issues, and influence key decision makers.


Your Personal Network

Each day you are in contact with a wide variety of people who care about your opinion: friends, neighbors, colleagues, patients, hospital administrators, medical supply companies, local health officials and staff.  Take advantage of any opportunity to expand your personal and professional network.  Expanding your social network online is free, simple, and can be beneficial both personally and professionally.  In addition to networking, online platforms can be used to enhance advocacy efforts, fundraising opportunities, donation requests, education,  job searches, and mentoring communications.