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Fast Forward with AMWA & Seneca Women on International Women’s Day

AMWA & Seneca Women are celebrating International Women’s Day today, March 8th!

“This year’s IWD has an assertive theme—#Be Bold for Change—and comes at a time when women are being vocal about their concerns. In fact, the organizers of the Women’s March in January are calling for a strike on March 8, A Day Without a Woman.

No matter how you choose to honor the day—whether through one of the many planned activities or simply by taking a moment to appreciate another woman’s efforts—the point is to remember that as women we are powerful, we have a voice, and each of us can make a difference in her own way, from no matter where we sit.

There are few moments in history when we can move fast and we can move forward. Our moment is now.”

– Melanne Verveer and Kim Azzarelli

Check out these tips from Seneca Women on 3 Ways to Fast Forward:

“1. Put a young woman on the path to action. If you know a girl who’s looking for do-able ways to change the world, steer her toward—it’s filled with youth-led campaigns that are changing the world, one hands-on project at a time.

2. Make a difference in the refugee crisis. Put the “international” in International Women’s Day by helping women and children fleeing hotspots like Syria; the Women’s Refugee Commission advocates for and assists the vulnerable and displaced.

3. Support the UN agency that supports women. Now’s the perfect time to get behind UN Women, the United Nations body dedicated to gender equality and women’s empowerment. UN Women works throughout the world to prevent violence and discrimination among women, and to foster women’s health, education and economic equality.”

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Laura Gardner

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