Stephanie Van Dyke, MD

Stephanie Van Dyke, MD

Medical School:  Albany Medical College

Specialty:  Family Medicine

Career Highlights:

  • Co-Founder and Board Member of Engeye Health Clinic in Uganda
  • Co-Director, Better Health Partnership
  • International Federation of Medical Students' Association, Vice president, Albany Medical College Chapter
  • Panelist, World Affairs Council Northern California, San Francisco - Improving Healthcare in Africa: The Non-Profit Approach

Service with AMWA:  Member

Quote:  I really enjoy looking at the most oppressed parts of our society and asking, how can we make things better? If there are parts of our civilization that are in jeopardy, we all suffer. Though working toward positive change takes time, energy, money, risk and a lot of stumbling, it's really fun to be a part of something that is true and meaningful. I want to continue to envision a better tomorrow and figure out ways to get there.


Dr. Stephanie Van Dyke is graduating from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) rural family medicine residency in Klamath Falls, Oregon in June of 2012.  She will then matriculate into an MPH program at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health to focus on global health and environmental sustainability.  She entered the field of medicine after being inspired while living in Uganda and witnessing the lack of healthcare and need for most basic resources.  Her goal is to practice in the most underserved areas both locally and abroad and build bridges to these communities to assist in raising standards of health.  During medical school she co-founded Engeye Health Clinic ( along with several fellow medical students and a village of Ugandans.  The clinic currently sees an average of 15,000 patients per year, a testament to the great need in the community.  She continues to advocate and work with the clinic on a daily basis, which has now expanded to address the disparity in basic health, education, and environmental needs of rural Ugandan villagers.

Locally, Dr. Van Dyke co-directed Better Health Partnership, a joint partnership between Oregon Health and Science University’s rural residency (Cascades East Family Practice), the affiliated hospital, Klamath County Public Health Dept and the local newspaper that entailed a resident-led fitness program for obese patients in the community where the resident physicians exercised and trained alongside the patients. The results have been phenomenal and are inspiring further larger scale projects.

Dr. Van Dyke also has a passion for animals and animal rights and has already adopted three dogs from the Humane Society in Vieques, PR, not one of her wisest decisions while in medical school and residency.

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