Laura Helfman, MD

Laura Helfman, MD

Medical School:  Medical College of Pennsylvania

Specialty:  Emergency Medicine with interest in Pediatrics; Wilderness Medicine

Career Highlights:

  • Clinical appointment at Children's Hospital at Erlanger, Chattanooga TN
  • Lead Instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates
  • International work in La Paz, Bolivia
  • Advocate for women's health

Service with AMWA:  Co-chair of American Women's Hospitals Service; Co-chair Resolutions Committee; National Student Co-chair; Membership Committee

Quote:  Create Positivity!


I was born in New York City and stayed in the metro area while attending Barnard College. I continued my association with “women’s institutions” while attending Medical College of PA (formerly Women’s Medical College) and by joining AMWA as a student.

I then traveled the country and landed in rural Tennessee where I live with my husband. I enjoy mentoring and advocating for women’s health and the environment. I am also a lead instructor with Wilderness Medical Associates which teaches Wilderness First Responder courses to outdoor professionals. I have also joined the Disaster Management Assistance Team which the government deploys to national and international disasters.  When not working in medicine, I work as a White Water Raft guide in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Colorado. This smorgasbord of careers gives me a lot of flexibility, which allows my husband and I to travel during his vacations. Future plans include more travel and international medicine.

I have been an AMWA member since 1981 which was my 1st year of medical school. I became a National Student Coordinator during my 3rd year and stayed active on several committees. I am currently Co-chair of the Americen Women’s Hospitals Service (AWHS). AMWA has provided an incredible support system, a place both to mentor and be mentored as well as a place to advocate for change.

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